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Highball Glass - Prism - Second Quality

Highball Glass - Prism - Second Quality

£98.00 GBP £39.20 GBP

Tall and striking, the Prism Highball is the perfect choice for a long cocktail, or even an elegant water glass to elevate your tablescape. 

Each piece in the Prism Collection follows a conical shape to truly showcase the exceptional detail of the cut as it widens towards the rim, catching the light and emitting a beautiful twinkle.


This product has been categorised as ‘second quality’ which means that there might be slight imperfections relating to the overall weight or thickness and you may notice some cosmetic imperfections such as imperfect cutting or scratches and bubbles in the glass itself. Each item in the sale has been carefully chosen to ensure that it remains true to the function and aesthetic at the heart of our designs.


All seconds are packed in plain cardboard packaging. All sales of seconds products are final.

Collection Story

Following suit from Richard Brendon's Diamond and Fluted Collections, Prism honours its namesake cut originating in Georgian Britain. Featured across many designs from the period, Prism cuts typically run from the base of glassware before flowing into more elaborate detailing towards the rim. However, Richard Brendon's Prism takes historic inspiration with a contemporary twist for the modern home.

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