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To The Stars Large Mug
To The Stars Large Mug
To The Stars Large Mug
To The Stars Large Mug

To The Stars Large Mug

£39.00 GBP

Margaux Carpentier is an image maker and story-teller based in London. She creates pictures using a symbolic language, so each piece can be read by all in many different ways. She works on varied projects from large murals, installations, paintings and printmaking, to detailed book illustrations and toys.


The boldest of Carpentier’s designs, let To The Stars whisk you away on a journey to fantasy through its vibrant colours and daring shapes. It’s the ultimate excuse for the brightest of daydreams…

Collection Story

Richard Brendon has collaborated with fellow London-founded brand, Print Club London, to create a collection of bone china mugs, bringing the skills of a community of emerging artists together with those of the expert craftspeople in Stoke-on-Trent.

The partnership showcases the work of exceptionally talented artists and brings their work to life in a new medium. With artwork from Margaux Carpentier, Max Machen and Rose Stallard, each mug carries the artists’ unique style seamlessly from print to ceramic, bringing wit, colour and storytelling to your every day.

Originating in London, Richard Brendon and Print Club London are two brands deeply rooted in the city’s creative landscape. With their headquarters located in Notting Hill and Dalston, retrospectively, these brands share a seamless connection. Their mutual passion for screen printing forms the foundation of their natural partnership, highlighting the boundless creative possibilities this technique offers.

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