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The Best Glass for Drinking Cider

Have you ever wondered what the best glass for drinking cider out of is?

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How to pair your Cider this Christmas with Jane Peyton

Please welcome Jane Peyton, the UKs first pommelier, who takes us through which Christmas Ciders she'll be drinking, and how to pair these to your Christmas meal. Over to you, Jane!

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Richard's Favourite American Beers for Thanksgiving

You may or may not know that we have an American in our midst! Richard was born and grew up in the states and to this day will celebrate Thanksgiving in London with as much enthusiasm as everyone else across the pond. As such, it only feels right for Richard to do our journal takeover today, reminiscing over his favourite American beers with which to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

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The Perfectly Paired Christmas Cheese and Cider Board

There is a tendency to think that wine and cheese are a monogamous pair. Certainly, we can't deny that they do make a delicious duo (in fact our Christmas cheese and wine board is being revealed in a couple of weeks time). However, this year we wanted to suggest something a little different, to surprise and delight your friends and family. Particularly perfect for those wanting to train and test the taste buds with an alternative tipple! 

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