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Large Dip Bowl - White

Large Dip Bowl - White

£28.00 GBP

The White Large Dip Bowl is perfectly suited to serving accompaniments to a meal, from dips to garnishes. Its shallow depth and wide rim allow for a multitude of purposes, and will add refinement to any table-scape.

Our White Large Dip Bowl is ready to go, available for immediate dispatch.

Collection Story

The formula for bone china was perfected over two centuries ago and still today this quintessentially British material is one of the most remarkable ceramics known to man. It boasts the whitest body and highest weight to strength ratio of any type of porcelain, and as such our White Collection makes a remarkably durable, classic and clean canvas for serving food.

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Every piece of our bone china has passed through several pairs of hands before it arrives at your table. That's what we mean when we say handmade.