Wash your wine glass and your tumbler on the top rack of the dishwasher ensuring that there is space between each glass. Ensure that you are using the proper detergents for your machine and, where relevant, water softening agents.

The products in this collection are made with lead-free glass which makes them resistant to clouding. If you do notice clouding on your glass then you will need to wash with water-softening or glass-specific detergents. Wash decanters by hand and dry with a lint-free cloth. Avoid storing your glasses upside-down.

When polishing the Wine Glass it is important not to hold the glass by the foot with one hand, while polishing the bowl with the other.

1. If your glasses have already dried, run them under warm water before polishing.

2. Place your glasses on linen to drain.

3. Put one corner of the polishing cloth inside the bowl.

4. Use the opposite corner to cradle the bowl in one hand while polishing with the other.

5. Polish the foot separately.

Never twist the bowl and foot as this may cause the stem to break.


Bone china can be washed in a dishwasher - at a maximum temperature of 60°C. However, where precious metals are used ware should only be hand washed. Stubborn stains can be removed by soaking in a mild bleach solution for up to one hour without damaging the china. Scouring pads or abrasive washing agents must not be used. Soaking in warm water before washing will remove most stains or hardened on particles. Tableware with gold or platinum trim must not be used in a microwave. When storing plates, try not to slide them over one another as this may cause tiny scratches in the glaze. We recommend a paper napkin is placed between each plate.


Wash your crystal by hand with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Scouring pads or abrasive washing agents should not be used. Do not put your crystal in the dishwasher as the detergents can permanently dull or scratch the surface. Dry your crystal immediately after washing using a lint-free cloth. Do not put your crystal in a microwave or conventional oven. Do not store your crystal glasses upside-down, the lip of the glass is delicate and may be damaged under the weight of the glass. Do not store food or beverage in your crystal, only use your products for serving. Prior to using decanters for the first time fill them with 50/50 solution of vinegar and water and let stand for 24 hours. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

All pieces in the Diamond collection should be placed on a coaster to avoid damage to surfaces. 


Use a damp cloth and a small amount of gentle soap to wipe clean. Leave to dry naturally and apply a leather protection cream. The base of the coasters is a natural, porous leather. We advise to keep the base as dry as possible, if this does get wet, blot away the excess liquid and allow to dry naturally. 




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