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The Wine Show

Richard Brendon is delighted to have our Jancis Robinson wine glasses used for all sampling on the upcoming third season of The Wine Show

Across the previous two seasons, The Wine Show team have explored some of the finest and most interesting winemaking regions in the world. Pairing the enthusiasm and star power of Hollywood actors Matthew Goode, Matthew Rhys, and James Purefoy, with the seasoned knowledge of wine experts Joe Fattorini, Amelia Singer, and Jancis Robinson, The Wine Show has endeavoured to show that it’s never just about what’s in the bottle. Sampling all manner of wines, from powerful Spanish reds, subtle Greek whites, fruity French rosés, and elegant homegrown fizz, The Wine Show tells the story of the culture, history, and people behind the bottle.

As such, The Wine Show knows the importance of the perfect wine glass. Stylish enough for television, and versatile enough to bring the best out of any wine from anywhere in the world. It’s what makes Richard Brendon and The Wine Show such perfect partners.

The Jancis Robinson collection is meticulously designed to look and feel refined, elegant and timeless. The curves from the glass run throughout the collection to ensure all of the pieces fit perfectly together, while the ultra-fine, but remarkably strong, mouth blown crystal puts the wine lover in intimate contact with the wine, enhancing the tasting experience every time.