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Introducing The Cocktail Collection


Introducing The Cocktail Collection

We couldn't be more excited to share with you our latest cut crystal collection, The Cocktail Collection, now available online.

It's absolutely no secret that Richard loves to whip up a cocktail or two, whether this is a simple G&T or a more sophisticated Maple Old Fashioned. Despite how fantastic your cocktail making skills are however, it just won't taste quite as good as it could if served in the wrong glass.

Richard has always been inspired by the beautiful mouth-blown glassware of the 20th century; indeed, he boasts an impressive collection that he's curated from antique markets over the years. What makes these glasses in particular so special and a delight to drink from? Firstly, they are incredibly lightweight, the result of the mouth blowing process, which not only makes them fantastic to hold, but also allows you to get as close to the cocktail as possible. Secondly, the hand cut detailing is truly spectacular. Look closely at glassware from this time and you will often find a common detailing theme: masterfully cut star shapes. 

It comes as no surprise therefore that the inspiration behind his latest cut crystal collection stems from this golden era of glassware.

Every inch of the pieces has been through rigorous consideration, resulting in well balanced crystal that boasts perfect proportions and capacities. In order to achieve this same remarkable clarity and lightness, each glass is individually mouth blown by our team of expert craftspeople in Slovenia. The thin rims feel beautiful when taking a sip, and allows you to really savour every nuance of your cocktail creation. For the Mixing Glass and Water Jug in particular, the precise spout leads to perfect pouring and serving.

We have created two variants of the nine-piece collection, Classic and Star Cut. The Classic pieces are a statement of elegant simplicity, working well for any barware set up, whether this is at home or in hospitality. The Star Cut pieces feature the same striking silhouettes as Classic, but with the addition of hand cut stars, reminiscent of the details often found on antique glassware. The workmanship and skill it takes to individually cut each star on such delicate glassware is truly remarkable.

What's more is that the glassware is all dishwasher safe, despite their finesse, which frankly makes the whole cocktail making experience far more enjoyable!

We are thrilled to be able to share these pieces with you, and hope that it encourages some creativity in your cocktail making, whether you are an aspiring mixologist or a master bartender. Keep your eyes peeled for more inspiration from the collection.