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Motohiro Okoshi x Jancis Robinson Wine Collection


Motohiro Okoshi x Jancis Robinson Wine Collection

Mr Okoshi is one of the most prominent wine and Sake experts in Japan and does an impressive job of wearing lots of hats
Mr Motohiro Okoshi
ASI Sommelier Diploma
WSET Sake Level 3 & Educator

Mr Okoshi is one of the most prominent wine and Sake experts in Japan and does an impressive job of wearing lots of hats: not only is he the wine consultant for numerous leading restaurants, as well as for importers, exporters and airlines, but he is also the owner of the celebrated Vietnamese restaurant, An Di. Needless to say he knows a lot about wine! 

He recently did a review of the Jancis Robinson collection with Mottox wine:

Motohiro Ogoshi

The Perfect Size and Shape for all wines

The bowl size of the The Jancis Robinson Wine Glass is universal, and is perfectly formed so that you can enjoy any type of wine. Not only this but the super smooth texture of the glass and the fit in the hand makes it very comfortable to hold.

Bowl shape allows for a strong scent

The glass is designed to perfectly fit a 125ml serving at its widest point, meaning there is a large surface area for oxygen to interact with the wine, which in turn allows the scent of the wine to open. If the glass was too narrow at the base, the scent of the wine wouldn't release as easily.

The shape of the bowl becomes narrower as you move up the glass. When the scent is released at the wider part, it is then captured towards the top, making it easier to smell and taste the wine. This is why I would always recommend drinking champagne out of a glass of this shape too, as a flute can really restrict the scent. 

Easy to swirl

As the bowl takes on a rounder, rather than angular shape, the wine can really glide across the wall surface when swirling; the long stem balanced with the wide base also helps with this.

Motohiro Ogoshi


Not only is it economical for someone at home to have one glass for every type of wine, but it makes inventory management easier for trade: obviously if you're using different glasses you have to stock them all somewhere. Moreover, if you use a single glass per wine, you might need 20 wine glasses for pairing! At my restaurant An Di in Tokyo, Japan we use the Jancis Robinson collection to avoid this problem.

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