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What to buy a Whisky Lover this Christmas


What to buy a Whisky Lover this Christmas

Did you know that our Fluted Collection was made especially for whisky, and specifically whisky at the Gleneagles Hotel?

Did you know that our Fluted Collection was made especially for whisky, and in particular whisky at the Gleneagles Hotel?

In fact, the Small Decanter was created for the American Bar, in collaboration with David Collins Studio to hold a single serving of whisky, which is brought to you alongside your very own Water Jug and Ice Bucket.

Needless to say, we're quite particular when it comes to this glorious malty spirit so we've curated a Whisky Lover's Christmas list for those who feel the same.

1. Aspinal of London Hip Flask

For the days when we can't drink out of a Cut Crystal Double Old Fashioned, we have Aspinal's leather Hip Flask to hand. Even better when they're embossed with our initials so we can tell the team apart...

Find here: Aspinal of London

2. Fluted Small Decanter

Why wouldn't you want your own, personal serving of whisky? Fluted draws inspiration from the decadent cocktail culture of the 1920's, and as such fits perfectly in the American Bar at Gleneagles, but also looks very charming on your own cocktail bar at home.

Find here: Richard Brendon

3. Drinks by the Dram Whisky Samples

Drinks by the Dram is the perfect way to appease the whisky experimentalist in your life, by giving them the opportunity to try out multiple samples before committing to a whole bottle. They also do a whisky advent calendar... just in case one set of tasters isn't enough!

Find here: The Conran Shop

4. Fluted Water Jug

Some scientists uphold that water in whisky is a must in order to enhance the flavour, whilst other die-hard enthusiasts claim it dilutes the taste. There's no need to pick a side now... find out what works best for you by having a water jug to hand. 

Find here: Richard Brendon

5. Diamond Double Old Fashioned

It's called a Double Old Fashioned for a reason. Each glass is mouth blown by our super skilled team in Slovenia. The clean-cut, hand-cut diamond shape continues onto the base, making this an incredibly tactile glass to nurse a whisky in.

Find here: Richard Brendon

6. House of Harth Drinks Trolley

This Italian 1930s drinks trolley is a piece of art in its own right. You can find it in House of Harth, the first borrowable boutique. Read more about the concept here.

Find here: House of Harth

7. Fluted Ice Bucket

The Fluted design combines just the right amount of traditional and contemporary elements to create a progressive yet timeless piece. This weighty mouth-blown ice bucket can fill enough ice for plenty of servings.

Find here: Richard Brendon

8. East London Whisky

Gin distilled in London is now commonplace, but whisky less so. East London Liquor Company are leading the way with this delicious East London Single Malt, which is the first of its kind. It matures in Bourbon and rye casks from Sonoma, followed by Bourbon casks from Kentucky for at least three years.

Find here: East London Liquor Company

9. Diamond Single Old Fashioned

For those who prefer a single to a double.

Find here: Richard Brendon

10. Diamond Decanter

This is the ultimate whisky lovers gift as far as we're concerned, and a real show-stopped for the drinks trolley.

Find here: Richard Brendon