The Best 2020 Wedding Gift Guide

The Best 2020 Wedding Gift Guide

December 28, 2019

Now Christmas is behind us we're casting our thoughts towards the next festivities of 2020: weddings (of which, I'm sure like us, you have many!)

Couples can be tricky to buy for, particularly those who seemingly have everything. Will you follow by their wedding list or can we lead you astray? We've curated a guide to cover off the important categories, and we're certain you'll find something perfect for the newlyweds.

1. For those moving into a new home

Moving into a new home can often prompt a "new home, new us" fresh perspective, which means we're out with the old and in with the new. Handcrafted entirely in Stoke-on-Trent by our master craftsmen, our Bone China collection, Line can be tailored to any couple by choosing the perfect line colour for them, or alternatively why not mix and match like we've done?

2. For those who have everything

This one-of a kind collection is guaranteed to please any tea lover who seemingly has all they need already. The concept for Reflect was born on Portobello Road, Notting Hill, when Richard noticed hundreds of stacked up orphaned saucers in the windows of antique stores. In order to bring these antique saucers back to life, he created a single gold cup, which when placed on the saucer below, would reflect its beautiful and intricate pattern. By nature of being an antique, these saucers are all one-offs, but when several are brought together you are presented with a treasurable tea- set that's really like no other.

3. For the proud wine lovers

Our Jancis Robinson collection was created especially for the wine lovers of this world: whether you're a Master of Wine or just someone who enjoys a glass every so often. As a Master of Wine herself and the lady who is responsible for curating the Queen's Wine cellar, Jancis knows a thing or two about wine, and so it goes without saying we're exceptionally proud to have created our glassware collection with her. 

Together our goal is to demystify wine, and particularly the glasses that you drink it from. That's why we've created 1 glass for every wine: from Champagne to Sherry and everything in between, our glass will enhance your wine drinking experience. So if the couple in mind are particularly keen on wine, this is absolutely the present for them.

4. For the Perfect Hosts

It's becoming apparent that a pre-requisite for joining Team RB is being a 'host with the most', as it happens to be our common party trick. What product do we all reach for when having our friends and family round? It has to be our Dip CollectionOur large bowls are perfect for a big Ottolenghi-style salad, whilst our jug is ideal for a Summer Sangria. 

5. For the Entertainers

We all know a couple who are the last to leave a party and who are exceptionally talented at keeping all glasses topped up. Our Cut Crystal collections were made with them in mind, so it's worth having a long look at our Fluted and Diamond collections. Our Fluted collection was created for the American Bar at Gleneagles, home of some of the best whisky in the world, but let's not forget a Double Old Fashioned also lends itself beautifully to a Gin & Tonic. 

You can also find us on Prezola and The Wedding Shop or alternatively Jung Lee

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