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Looking for your new go-to summer cocktail? Well... you’re in luck!

We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite cocktail creators to bring you a new summer serve every Friday this season. From riffs on trusted classics to innovative tropical concoctions, there is a recipe for everybody in our Summer Cocktail Series. 

Looking for your new go-to summer cocktail? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite cocktail curators to bring you a new summer serve every Friday throughout the season. From riffs on trusted classics to innovative tropical concoctions, there is a recipe for everybody in our Summer Cocktail Series. 

Join us every Friday for a new recipe, and tag us in your recreations!


The Clover Club 


A pre-prohibition era serve that continued its popularity throughout the speakeasy period, The Clover Club is a tangy and bright cocktail perfected by Molly Ports, otherwise known as @GoodGollyMixMolly. Created and named after a respected Gentleman’s Club in Philadelphia in around 1882, this cocktail is the perfect sophisticated serve for warm summer days and is just what we need this weekend. 

Find Molly’s recipe below for a modern update on the cocktail, served in our Classic Cocktail Coupe. 


The Clover Club ⁠


60ml London Dry Gin⁠

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice⁠

Dash of Sweet Vermouth⁠

4-5 Muddled Raspberries⁠

10ml Grenadine⁠

1 Egg White⁠

Raspberries ⁠



  1. Muddle raspberries with the lemon juice in the base of your cocktail shaker. Strain to remove the seeds. 
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and dry shake to create an optimal level of foam. 
  3. Add a handful of ice to your shaker and wet shake to chill. 
  4. Strain into a chilled Classic Coupe Glass. 
  5. Top with raspberries and serve. 


Rum Manhattan Spritz

A well loved classic, Serge of @HungryThirstyBored has reinvented the Manhattan for a summer in the city and we are set to enjoy this rum-riff well into the autumn months.

The origins of the Manhattan are shrouded in mystery like all good cocktails should be, and it's often wrongly credited to a party hosted by Lady Randolph Churchill at The Manhattan Club in 1874. No such party actually existed as Lady Randolph was pregnant at home in London with Winston Churchill at the time rather than partying it up in New York... but it makes for a nice story nevertheless. 

Traditionally a blend of Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and Bitters, this riff embraces the hot summer weather with a spritz and a twist.

Find Serge’s recipe below for an updated take on the much loved classic, served in our Classic Cocktail Highball.

Rum Manhattan Spritz


50ml Aged Rum ⁠

25ml Italian Sweet Vermouth ⁠

2 Dashes of Bitters⁠

Tonic Water ⁠

Brandied Cherry⁠



  1. Add the rum, vermouth and bitters to our Classic Mixing Glass and stir with ice until well-chilled.
  2. Strain into our Classic Highball Glass over ice and garnish with a brandied or maraschino cherry. 
  3. To make your own brandied cherries, remove stems and pierce each cherry with a toothpick to prevent splitting. Warm one part water to two parts caster sugar, whisking constantly. Once dissolved, add cherries and vanilla bean and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Strain cherries and leave to cool. Whisk the same amount of brandy as water into the remaining syrup and then pour over the cherries. Seal and keep in the fridge for six weeks before serving. Shake the container periodically. 


The Summertini

Continuing the theme of a summer riff on an old classic, Courtney of @snackingandsipping has created the Summertini for this week’s instalment of our Summer Cocktail Series.

From dry to wet, French to Espresso, there are oh so many ways to martini, but this might just be our favourite way yet! As the American writer James Thurber once said, “one martini is alright, two is too many, three is not enough” and with this quirky, refreshing twist on the traditional gin martini, we couldn’t agree more!

Join us in starting the weekend right with the recipe below, served in our Classic Cocktail Martini.

The Summertini⁠⁠


90ml Dry Gin⁠ ⁠

2 Slices of Cucumber⁠

5 Mint Leaves⁠

1 Tablespoon Lime Juice⁠

5ml Simple Syrup

Soda Water


  1. Muddle the cucumber, mint, lime and simple syrup in a shaker using a spoon or a muddling stick; a pestle can also work in a bind. 
  2. Add the gin and a handful of ice from our Classic Ice Bucket, shake and double strain into a chilled Classic Martini Glass.⁠ 
  3. Add a fine ribbon of cucumber as a garnish. 


 Martini (Your Way)

After last week’s Martini riff, we’re returning to a timeless classic with @anushu802. For this week’s Summer Cocktail Series, Anu’s Martini (Your Way) offers the perfect foundation for serving a Martini, well, your way. 

Whether you prefer dry as the Sahara à la Winston Churchill, (“I like to drink my Gin whilst looking at an unopened bottle of Vermouth”), dirty or with a twist, there's no wrong way to enjoy a Martini. 

Join us in starting the weekend early this Friday with Anu’s recipe, and serve as you please in our Classic Cocktail Coupe

 Martini (Your Way) 


70ml Sipsmith London Dry⁠

15ml Dry Vermouth ⁠

1 Dash Orange Bitters ⁠

Garnish Choices ⁠

Castelvetrano Olives⁠

Cocktail Onions⁠ 

Anu’s Preferred Lemon Twist⁠


  1. Simply stir over ice in our Classic Mixing Glass
  2. Strain into a chilled Classic Coupe and serve extra in a sidecar… one Martini is rarely enough in our experience. 
  3. Garnish your way; Anu prefers a simple Lemon Twist to complete the iconic Martini.


Ginger Spritz 

For this week’s Summer Cocktail Series we’re taking a dip into Provence, with this fiery refresher from No Low, a french alcohol free brand bringing the aperitif into 0%. 

We may be spending our Friday en Notting Hill in the studio as opposed to the South of France, but with the Ginger Spritz we’re poolside and minutes away from the Cotes d'Azur in spirit. 

Join us in spending the weekend in refreshed bliss with the below recipe, served in our Classic Highball Glass. 

Ginger Spritz


40ml Nolow Ginger ⁠

120ml Soda Water⁠

Garnish with Orange and Mint Sprigs ⁠



  1. Add a heap of ice to our Classic Highball Glass
  2. Build by adding the No Low and topping with Soda Water 
  3. Garnish with an orange wheel and mint sprigs.


The Whiskey Sour 

We’re bringing you this week’s instalment a whole day early in celebration of National Whiskey Sour Day with the help of our friend Justin Alford, AKA @TheWhiskeyMcGee.  

A maritime favourite made popular by sailors, who served a similar recipe as a means to prevent succumbing to the less than desirable fate of scurvy, The Whiskey Sour quickly swept the US to become a staple of modern bartending. A classic, first mentioned in 1826 by Jerry Thomas in his book the Bartenders Guide, The Whiskey Sour balances to an equally warming yet refreshing serve and one we can’t wait to serve all summer long. 

Find Justin’s recipe below and join us in serving the perfect Whiskey Sour in our Classic Rocks Glass. 

The Whiskey Sour 


⁠40ml Peach Infused Widow Jane Bourbon⁠
30ml Fresh Lemon Juice⁠
5ml Rich Demerara Peach Syrup⁠
5ml Gifford Passionfruit Liqueur⁠
1 Barspoon Absinthe⁠
5ml Aquafaba⁠


  1. Dry shake all for 30 seconds before adding ice and shaking again until well chilled. 
  2. Strain into a Classic Rocks Glass over crushed ice to perfect a refreshing summer serve. 
Stay tuned for a new recipe on Friday, and get ready to make your own by shopping our Classic Cocktail Collection now.