Portobello Series: The Best Tea & Coffee Spots

Portobello Series: The Best Tea & Coffee Spots

November 14, 2019

Our story begins on Portobello Road, London, predominantly known as the host of one of the world's largest antique markets. But with the road itself stretching to 1.8km long, this area is home to so much more than just that.

We wanted to make a series to celebrate the wonders of Portobello, and all it has to offer, from coffee shops to bars, we've got your day out in Portobello covered from start to finish.

It goes without saying that we love tea and coffee...and of course all the delightful accompaniments that come with them; and when we can, we enjoy it from our bone china setsGiven that the concept for our first collection, Reflect was born in Portobello, it only feels right to start our series with our favourite Tea and Coffee Shop spots down this special road.

For ease, we've listed these out in order, from the bottom of Portobello Road, Notting Hill side to the top in Ladbroke Grove.

1. Gail's 

Admittedly an easy win but a favourite nonetheless. Funnily enough, as the name suggests it was set up by one Gail Mejia in the 1990s with the aim of bringing traditional artisan, homemade bread to London neighbourhoods. Nowadays you can spot plenty of Gail bakeries around London, they're popping up all over the place, but not at the expense of their Malted Wholegrain Sourdough. That truly never disappoints.

2. Fabrique

If there's one thing to know about Fabrique it's that they do the best Cinnamon Buns. Not just on Portobello Road, but arguably ever. They also know it, as you can tell from their mouth-wateringly good looking Instagram. If we ever lose Richard, we'll undoubtedly find him here buying pastries.

3. Bluebelles

Perhaps the most unassuming of them all, but definitely the most comforting. Their breakfasts and lunches are top notch, which naturally means there's frequently a brunch queue on a weekend morning. On a cold but sunny day (much like the weather today), we'd recommend settling in to the small table on the left hand side as you come in, for a little bit of window warmth. 

4. Pearl and Groove

Even if food intolerances aren't even on your radar, don't underestimate Pearl and Groove. Named after the owner's parents (Serena), who are clearly legends, this modern bakery defies the odds by making scrumptiously delicious and utterly beautiful cakes which are totally gluten-free. The coffee is also up there!


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