The Cocktail Lover's Christmas Gift Guide

The Cocktail Lover's Christmas Gift Guide

November 18, 2019

At Richard Brendon, we're partial to a cocktail... or two. We even have a couple of budding mixologists amongst us in the studio. 

We know there are other fellow cocktail enthusiasts out there, so this Christmas we wanted to share with you our gift guide, specially for those who like to roll out the drinks trolley on a Friday night (or any night for that matter) and whip up something fancy. Whether you're a Negroni, Tom Collins or Old Fashioned fan, an amateur or a professional, there's something here for every cocktail lover's stocking.

1. Rémy Martin XO Cognac   

This is absolutely our go-to Cognac, and the XO is something particularly special. Almost too delicious to be mixed in a cocktail with anything else, so we like ours neat or on the rocks.

Find here: The Whisky Exchange

2. Ferm Living Brass Cocktail Measure

This perfect little cocktail measure sits neatly on top of any glassware. Our favourite US brass equivalent is found in the link below.

Find here: Borough Kitchen or Food52 

3. Richard Brendon Fluted Single Old Fashioned

Created for the Gleneagles Hotel in collaboration with the David Collins studio, our Fluted collection is stylish and sleek, a necessary part to any cocktail set.

Find here: Richard Brendon

4. Schofield's Fine Classic Cocktail  

Internationally renowned bartenders Joe and Daniel Schofield have worked in some of the best bars in the world, from the American Bar at The Savoy to the Tippling Club in Singapore. This without fail is one of the first cocktail books we go to when we're in the mood for trying out something new. 

Find here: Octopus Books or Amazon

5. House of Harth Trolley

This beautiful, original 1950s Italian bar cart is really something to behold. Available to rent as part of Harth's collection. Read more about the Harth concept later this week.

6. Richard Brendon Fluted Champagne Flute 

There's only one glass to drink a Champagne cocktail out of, and it's this one. Drawing inspiration from the decadent cocktail-era of the 1920s, our mouth blown, hand cut Flutes look good on a sophisticated champagne lover.

Find here: Richard Brendon

7. Richard Brendon Diamond Highball

Our Diamond collection blends the old and the new. Traditional glass cutting has been given a contemporary twist with tactile diamond cuts along the base of the glass, making this a true delight to hold.

Find here: Richard Brendon

8. Cocktail Strainer

Frankly, an absolutely necessary part of anyone's bartending tool kit if you want to be taken seriously.

Find here: Borough Kitchen

9. Richard Brendon Fluted Shot Glasses

They may be small but they're mighty! Do shots count as cocktails?

Find here: Richard Brendon

10. Cocktail Stirrer

Stirred, not shaken? Whatever it is, do it stylishly. 

Find here: Borough Kitchen or Goop

 11. Stainless Steel Lemon / Lime Squeezer

In our opinion, lemon juice from a bottle is a sin. We do it the proper way, using one of these instead.

Find here: Borough Kitchen or Food52

12. Peeler

Apparently citrus wedges are out, and peels are in, and we'd have to agree on this; there's nothing more delicious than lemon oil straight from the peel. To create your own stylish garnish, peel off the rind and then using a sharp knife cut a long slither, and twirl it around your cocktail stick to create a lovely curl.

Find here: Borough Kitchen or Goop

13. Richard Brendon Fluted Coupe

We don't think that coupe glasses should be restricted to Champagne. What else would you serve your Martini or Campari Sour in?

Find here: Richard Brendon

14. The Pickle House "Bloody Mary"

When you're in desperate need of Hair of the Dog but you just can't quite bring yourself to make your own, look no further than The Pickle House. As close as you'll get to the real thing.

Find here: The Pickle House


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