Meet Rajat Parr, Sommelier, Winemaker, Author and Collector

Meet Rajat Parr, Sommelier, Winemaker, Author and Collector

November 28, 2019

"My greatest joy as a sommelier, winemaker, author, and collector, has been sharing the wines that excite me. But, it’s not just the wine itself that fascinates me – it’s also the process of how the wine was created. Every important wine has a strong sense of will behind it, and every serious winery shares a desire to find a deeper knowledge of their vineyards; to discover the beauty that lies within the balance between the grape, soil and microclimate."

Rajat Parr

Parr kick-started his career as a food runner at Rubicon Restaurant working under renowned sommelier, Larry Stone. Following this, he opened San Francisco's Fifth Floor, before in 2003 being appointed as the wine director for all of the Michael Mina restaurants in the US. 

Two books later and after having set up his own wineries in Oregon and the Central Coast of California, Rajat Parr is widely considered to be a blind-tasting king and sits comfortably amongst some of the most influential wine professionals of our time. His philosophy is based on as little intervention as possible: "growing healthy, balanced grapes without the use of chemicals and making and bottling wines without manipulation", resulting in some of the most beautiful Burgundian varietals that sit under his labels, Sandhi, Domaine de la Côte and Evening Land. 

It goes without saying we were thrilled that Rajat is a fan of our Jancis Robinson wine glasses!

What’s your idea of the perfect pairing?
Santa Barbara Uni and Chablis

Who is on your restaurant speed dial?
Majordoamo, Bavel and Bestia (all in LA)

What’s your house wine?
Belluard Les Alps (Gringet), Savoie, France 2017

What is the one ingredient you couldn’t possibly live without?

Where is your home town’s biggest secret? 
Butterfly Beach

Where would we find you outside of your hometown?

What is your favourite Richard Brendon collection?
Jancis Robinson Wine Glasses

Stemmed or Stemless?

You’ve just woken up: tea or coffee?

Have you ever been behind a potter’s wheel?

Where do you start your Christmas shopping?
At a wine shop

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?
A decanter

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

What’s your go-to dinner party dish?
Faro Salad

How do you switch off?
Walk on the beach

Richard loves sourcing antique saucers - what do you collect?

You can join Rajat Parr's Wine Club here

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