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In the Richard Brendon studio, we take the ritual of the perfect ‘drink’s moment’ incredibly seriously. Whether it be grabbing the last glimpse of evening sun with your apéritif of choice or sharing your favourite bottle of wine over a leisurely Sunday lunch, the perfect ‘drink’s moment’ is both transformative and magical. It can also be alcohol-free, thanks to Mother Root. 

We sat down with Mother Root founder, Bethan, to discover more about Mother Root’s signature Ginger Switchel, her favourite Mother Root Moment, and why perfecting the alcohol-free ‘drink’s moment’  is so important.




What inspired you to found Mother Root?

At first, I started making my Ginger Switchel at home as a delicious drink to enjoy whilst pregnant. It was life as a new mum, permanently exhausted and overwhelmed, that made me realise how much I really needed a feel-good, alcohol-free drink in my life. This was something I could look forward to enjoying at the end of another long day, but that, unlike wine, would also nurture me, help balance my mood, and support better sleep.


In creating Mother Root, my aim is to transform the meaning of drinking for pleasure, and craft a delicious new alcohol-free ritual that nurtures your wellbeing.



How would you describe a Switchel?

Fiery, zingy and complex. Like a ginger beer, but with so much more going on.


Where do you find inspiration for new elixirs? 

I take inspiration from plants and drink’s traditions, and merge the two together. The craft of creating alcoholic beverages has been around for centuries. I wanted to use this same reverential approach to ingredients and balanced flavours, and apply this to non-alcoholic drinks. I’m not looking to emulate a particular alcoholic drink, just to bring the same intensity of flavour by using the best ingredients. By stripping out the alcohol from the equation, you can actually zone in on the beneficial potency of the plants in the blend, and make something that is, in my mind, even better.


Why is offering non-alcoholic alternatives important to Mother Root? 

I believe pleasure is a key ingredient in wellbeing, and that delicious food and drink is one of the most basic pleasures we humans can enjoy. Increasingly, people in the UK now, and across the world, are looking to reduce their alcohol consumption, but that need for pleasurable and delicious experiences is still there. The ritual of pouring a drink at the end of the day signals the moment to wind down, carving out time for yourself, and doing something just for you. Alcohol need not be involved to be able to enjoy this ritual.


How do you balance life as mother, founder and maker? 

It’s really tricky. The hardest part for me is knowing when to switch off. I have to make an effort to practice what I preach, to take breaks away from the work, which can be all consuming, and refocus my attention on my family and friends. Finding balance is hard when you are building your own business, as the task list is never ending. But carving out time, prioritising love and connection with your friends and family, and taking time to be curious about life, is ultimately what gives me the fuel to keep things going. It makes me better at what I do in my business, I think.


What is the perfect Mother Root Moment for you?

That moment when you’ve just got the kids off to bed and dinner is on it’s way (thanks husband!). You have those first 20 minutes of calm for the whole day, and they are yours to use as you wish! 


What is your favourite way to enjoy Mother Root?

It’s the simplest way: Switchel & Soda. It’s so refreshing, and perfect in the summer heat.


Fill a highball full of ice (right to the top!) and mix:

25ml Ginger Switchel

100ml Soda Water (or sparkling water)

Garnish with an orange wheel and fresh rosemary sprig for extra aromatics.


For a chance to win a pair of our Cocktail Collection Highball Glasses and a 480ml bottle of Mother Root's Ginger Switchel, head over to our Instagram page now!