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Introducing Precision to the Jancis Robinson Collection


Introducing Precision to the Jancis Robinson Collection

Jancis Robinson OBE MW and Richard Brendon have introduced a new stemmed wine glass to The Jancis Robinson Collection. The Precision Glass is now online and in key retail stores and hospitality venues internationally.

The Jancis Robinson Collection now features two stemmed wine glasses, the machine-made ‘Precision’ and the mouth-blown ‘Original’, which was released in 2018.



“We have listened to what people want, especially those in the hospitality business. That is, all the precise wine expression offered by our beautiful, mouth-blown Original wine glass plus a bit more durability and the value possible with a machine-made version. Et voilà: the Precision Glass.” - Jancis Robinson OBE MW


Jancis and Richard have called this new glass ‘Precision’ to acknowledge the precision with which it was made and the precision with which it communicates each wine’s character. Each Precision wine glass will be identical to the last, providing the type of consistency that can only be achieved by machine making.


The Precision Glass shares the same height and bowl profile as the Original but carries more weight, making it more suitable for busy or fast-paced environments, whether that is a bustling restaurant or a lively party. “When designing the Precision Glass, it was crucial we kept the essence of the Original,” commented Richard Brendon. “While the two glasses share the same shape, Precision has a slightly thicker rim and stem. The concept is the same – one universal glass which offers a fantastic tasting experience for every wine.”


Discover The Precision Glass