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Celebrating Five Years of The Jancis Robinson Collection: A Tasting at Mother Vine | Richard Brendon


Celebrating Five Years of The Jancis Robinson Collection: A Tasting at Mother Vine | Richard Brendon

The five-year anniversary of the Jancis Robinson Collection is a testament to the enduring appreciation for the art of wine and the craftsmanship behind our signature glasses. Richard Brendon’s collaboration with esteemed wine critic, Jancis Robinson, embodies sophistication and functionality to truly enhance the everyday experience.

We are incredibly proud and excited to have reached the five year milestone since the founding of our Jancis Robinson Collection. Given the momentous occasion, we raised our glasses to celebrate the five year anniversary!


The Jancis Robinson Collection originally came about in response to an everyday frustration, from none other than Jancis Robinson OBE MW. The perfect wine glass did not exist, and white and sparkling wines were being particularly short-changed. Richard Brendon took up the challenge to design the much-needed perfect wine glass, meeting Jancis’ essential criteria: gossamer-thin glass, a tall stem for swirling wine without affecting temperature, a curved bowl to maximise surface area and oxygen contact, a generous opening for embracing aromas, and dishwasher-safe practicality. These criteria were all successfully met, and we believe we do now have the perfect wine glass at the heart of the Jancis Robinson Collection.

Since its launch in 2018, the collection can now be found in some of the finest restaurants, bars and wineries all over the world, and is heralded as the best wine glass by some of the most prestigious industry experts.


Nestled in the heart of Chelsea on Pavilion Road, Mother Vine is a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. This created the perfect destination for an intimate and inviting atmosphere, allowing guests to indulge in a curated selection of wines. From sparkling Black Chalk to an exquisite Pinot Noir from the Languedoc, the evening became a journey of exploration, with each wine being elevated by the universal wine glass from the Jancis Robinson Collection

During the evening we reflected on the remarkable impact the collection has had on the world of wine, and toasted to both five years of success and the exciting years to come. 



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