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Inspired by the heritage of traditional creamware manufacturing, the new Dip collection by Richard Brendon embraces the character of this natural heritage material to offer a refined yet relaxed contemporary dining experience.

The collection contains 12 shapes of casual contemporary tableware which bring a soft casual elegance to the modern dining table. Each piece has been created entirely by hand in Stoke-on-Trent, with between a half to two thirds hand-dipped to create a charmingly unique effect on every piece.

The collection is available in 3 stylish characterful colours – Cobalt, Smoke and White. Cobalt is a firm nod to the most prevalent colour in the history of British ceramics; in this collection it is coupled with Smoke and White, to create a deliberately relaxed palate ideal for a casual contemporary gastronomy and dining.






Preceding bone china production in Britain’s pottery heartland, Creamware is light-coloured, refined earthenware developed in Staffordshire by Thomas Whieldon in the mid 18th Century. This new production method improved the quality and strength of the natural ball clay sourced from the surrounding area to create a finer, whiter body. Coupled with brilliant glassy glaze, the result proved ideal for domestic ware, and remained popular until the 1840s. We're delighted to now be reviving and revitalising this production method for the 21st Century. 

Richard’s interest in earthenware was initially piqued by a trip to London’s V&A museum and their archives of creamware and slip decoration. These simple pieces, with naive yet charming designs, sparked a creative curiosity in Richard, and thus Dip was born.





 “In 2012, I designed my Reflect collection after falling in love with saucers made over centuries in Stoke-on-Trent.

On a factory trip I realised how incredible the craftsmanship was, but was also sad to see an industry almost lost.

At that moment, I knew I wanted to do all I could to help support and regenerate the industry.”

Richard Brendon



The resulting Dip collection focuses on the skilful hand glazing of individual pieces, hand-dipped in cobalt, smoke or white glazes to create an organic natural graphic patterning.

Skilful hand glazing such as this is no longer commonplace in Staffordshire because it is so time consuming. Working closely with producers in Stoke-on-Trent, Richard set about creating a modern application process which would deliver this desired decorative effect within contemporary production constraints. He spent several days testing methods of dipping, splattering and pouring onto biscuit-fired pieces, before coming up with the best method of achieving the natural hand-dipped effect he desired.

Each and every piece from the Dip collection is unique, with colour variation to be expected thanks to the reactive nature of the glazes used and differences in glaze depth when applied.