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Coalport Saucer, C.1850 and Reflect Platinum Teacup
Coalport Saucer, C.1850 and Reflect Platinum Teacup

Coalport Saucer, C.1850 and Reflect Platinum Teacup


Produced by Coalport in around 1850, this feminime Victorian style saucer is an intricate example of the factories move away from Rococo Revival. Their shift to a more feminine Victorian design included the use of beautifully detailed flower garlands, such as the one that rims this saucer, and popular colours such as duck-egg green and turquoise. Queen Victoria had an infamous love for turquoise and duck-egg green, with Coalport among the factories who enthusiastically followed her lead in an effort to please British nobility with their designs. This saucer was designed to fulfil almost all of the Queen’s design desires!

Antique British porcelain is never perfect. During the 1800s, kilns were fired on coal resulting in some firing specks, whilst makers were known for their experimentation which sometimes resulted in technically imperfect results. As a result, each saucer is truly unique and a small piece of history that has survived centuries to find its new home with you. Our pricing reflects the condition and rarity of each piece, and we ask that you embrace the small imperfections that reflect the rich past of British porcelain. This piece has a small amount of noticeable wear and imperfections due to its age, and is a more common piece to have survived.

Each teacup and saucer set comes with a handwritten gift card detailing the history of the antique saucer.

Collection Story

The Reflect collection started with our teacup, which brings life back to antique saucers missing their other halves by using platinum and gold gilding to create highly reflective cups. The mirrored cups reflect the patterned saucers, giving them a new lease of life and a place in contemporary homes. 

Each cup is skilfully decorated and then paired with a saucer, all of which have been meticulously sourced from antique dealers across Britain. Reflect has now grown to include matching teapots, milk jugs, sugar bowls and coffee cups, to complete the collection.

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