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Richard Brendon specialises in bringing together contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship to create unique and timeless collections.



we are passionate about helping to regenerate heritage craft industries, as the quality of their products are second to none.



all of the bone china collections are hand made in stoke-on-trent, england, where the formula for this quintessentially british material was perfected over two centuries ago.




our lead crystal is crafted in bohemia; a region that is world-renowned for producing the finest crystal.




mouth blowing crystal takes years to perfect, but it is second nature to our skilled craftsmen. the crystal is blown into the wooden moulds to create our refined shapes.




each piece is marked with hand-drawn guidelines, but it takes a master cutter to ensure that each cut is made to the same depth, length and angle.




the richard brendon studio continues to source the best materials in the world to produce its products to the highest quality.